USPS Sunday Holiday Package Delivery!

View the Sunday Holiday Package Delivery FAQ here.

Saturday is *Small Business Saturday*!

Support small businesses by shopping in store or on line at your favorite shop! By supporting small businesses, like Dreaming Daisies, it could open up a better shipping opportunity benefiting shops and consumers.

❓What is USPS Sunday Delivery and how does it affect me❓
Per the USPS Sunday Holiday Package Delivery link above, packages delivered on Sundays will be ultimately dependent on volume levels, however Priority Mail packages will be the primary type delivered to residential customers. It could also include First-Class packages. Decisions to deliver on Sunday takes place at the local level, however due to volume projections it will likely be taking place in most U.S. cities and high volume areas during the holiday season.

❓How do I affect USPS Sunday Delivery❓
Per the USPS Sunday Holiday Package Delivery link above, it is a possibility that Sunday delivery can continue after the holidays. The decision will be made on the local level based on the volume on hand to keep the network clear and moving. So, the higher the volume the higher the need for Sunday delivery. The Postal Service currently delivers Priority Mail Express and certain Amazon packages on Sundays. Due to increased package volume during the holidays, USPS is expanding the types of packages that will be delivered on Sundays.

❓How can I help encourage Sunday delivery in my area❓
E-COMMERCE. Period. (And send out your Christmas gifts and cards with USPS.) But essentially, supporting small businesses throughout the country by purchasing goods online will keep high volume when shops are not shipping from big cities or rural areas. Beneficial to you and your local network also.

Speaking of, down here in Brunswick County located on the southeast coast of North Carolina, USPS is now delivering on Sunday in most local areas. If local volume stays high, this will help Dreaming Daisies be able to get your packages out to you faster!

E-commerce thrives on fast shipping times and low cost. USPS First Class Mail or Priority Mail is almost always my preferred shipping method based on cost and delivery time. Good shipping method = happy customer = successful boutique! (and all the other small businesses of Brunswick County! Check out the Small Businesses of Brunswick County Facebook Page to explore shops that you can support from Dreaming Daisies' hometown.

The USPS FAQ Page is a great resource for small business owners. It stays updated with FAQ and explains small business solutions for shipping.

I have a few packages to wrap, so lets wrap this thing up 😉 Join this initiative by shopping small locally and online!



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